Free Track: El Dusty's "K Le Pasa" (Alvaro Moombahton Remix)

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El Dusty‘s “K Le Pasa” was one of the strongest dance-floor bangers of 2011 and it still has lots of power left to keep spinning. After a shy release on Bandcamp about a year ago, the song became a hit in big part thanks to its video which eventually lead to the Man Recordings sign-up and re-release of the re-made-from scratch track on last November. Now it’s time for the remixes.

Germany-based label Man Recordings reached out to five different producers to work on alternative takes for the song that, in itself, it’s already sort of an unofficial remix of the old school cumbia by Mike Laure “El Conductor.” Among the remixers we have Mexico’s DJ Mouse and Alan Rosales doing a 3Ball guarachero super up-beat version, while others took the BPM count back down to the original cumbia tempo, as in the case of So Shifty. Thus, all versions are very different from one another and they are all worth a spin so I strongly recommend downloading the whole 5-track EP now available to download below:

But if you hurry up, for a limited time only, Man Recording is offering for free download of one of these tracks, a moombahton remix of “K Le Pasa” signed by a Dutch producer named Alvaro.

El Dusty – K Le Pasa (Alvaro Moombathon Remix) by MANRECORDINGS