Exclusive Free Download: El Guincho's "FM Tan Sexy"

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El Guincho’s new release is almost here! The indescribable musician (née Pablo Díaz-Reixa) from Canary Islands amazed us a couple of years ago with Alegranza!, and more recently with the Piratas de Sudamerica five-song EP. But we were all waiting for his official third album, Pop Negro, coming out September 14th.

In the meantime, here we have an exclusive petite appetizer of what’s to come: “FM Tan Sexy” is the second single from Pop Negro released as a free download (Bombay invaded digital downloads a while back). Similar to Guincho’s previous work, you hear the juxtaposition of eclectic samples with that distinguishable electronic, afro-tropicalia feel. But it also has an ’80s synth-pop cadence and a freestyle-like chorus with sexy girls singing in the background, which I guess is the reason for the title.

This I don’t know for sure, because, as in most of El Guincho’s work, his voice and lyrics are hard to detach from the multi-layered sound (even if español is your first language): Is he talking about a radio? I guess. Who cares? In Guincho’s world, words are treated as just another instrument, and the message is not the point, but the beauty of the sonic landscape as a whole.

Download El Guincho’s sexy new single from the upcoming Pop Negro, “FM Tan Sexy,” available exclusively at Remezcla for FREE!

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Main photo by Jamie James Medina.