Video: El Guincho's "Hindou"

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Canary Islands native El Guincho – aka Pablo Díaz-Reixa – got listeners and music bloggers a buzz in 2008 with Alegranza!, garnering a slew of Panda Bear and Animal Collective comparisons. But his genuine talent and ear for unique rhythms has the blogosphere anxiously awaiting the release of his third full-length album Pop Negro in the fall.

In the meantime, while also preparing for a short U.S. tour including the upcoming LAMC Summerstage show, El Guincho has released Piratas de Sudamerica, the first of a series of EPs in which he rearranges lost classics from South America and injects his own dose of dreamy tropicalia into the mix. “Hindou” (originally by cubanos Orefiche & Valdespi) is the first song of the set to spawn a music video. In keeping with the nautical assailant theme of the EP, the video features a boy in pirate garb in a rowboat, on the lookout for an instrument of his own. The grainy texture and rough editing of the video fit the anachronous and refreshing style El Guincho always produces.

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