Listen to El Guincho's new album: "Pop Negro"

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Though we just hit September and the sunshine shows signs of fizzling, don’t resign yourself to the end of summer blues just yet because El Guincho’s latest album will let you hold on just a little longer. Pop Negro, one of the year’s most anticipated releases, is due September 14, but Remezcla Musica is streaming the entire album a week early.

Right on the heels of the first volume of his Piratas de Sudamerica project, Pop Negro delivers another healthy dose of sand and surf (completely sample-free this time!) so that, even though you might have to start wearing pants again (gross), you can still live vicariously through El Guincho’s sexy and psychadelic tropicalia. We’ve already had a taste with “Bombay” and “FM Tan Sexy,” so we know we can count on El Guincho to supply us with some endless summer vibes.