Free Download: El Mix Vol. 3: Música para el fin del mundo

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We all know the Universals and the Warners and Sonys of the world. But what about the Ban Bangs and the Cosmicas and the Mamushka Dogs? These Latin indie labels are turning out some of the brightest gems in the scene, repping the artists of tomorrow, not necessarily today’s. But we’re all about looking ahead here at Remezcla and finding what our grandkids will be listening to, so when they do listen to it, we can be super snobby and look down on our passé grandchildren’s interests. Luckily, some of the premier indie disqueras of now are willing to partake in the future gang up of our children.

According to ancient prophecies, the world is poised to end in May of 2011. In the event of such finality, don’t you want to be listening to the right music? Santiago disquera Michita Rex (sister label to Sello Cazador) has the perfect end-of-days soundtrack for us, a collection of its most doomed sounds, proclaimed by some of the fearless artists on its roster, like Lido Pimienta, Dadalu, Fakuta, Los Embajadores, De Janeiros, Niños del Perú, Nawito Duo, and more.

This 16-track playlist marks the third installment of Remezcla’s El Mix and the second volume of the official Michita Rex compilation (offered to us as an exclusive), the first of which was released at the onset of 2010. But now that the apocalypse is upon us, Michita Rex has some heavier propositions for us.

So let’s all die whimsically, beautifully. Together.

DOWNLOAD EL MIX VOL. 3 / MICHITA REX VOL. 2, Música para el fin del mundo HERE. LISTEN BELOW.