El Mix Vol. 5: Chicha Morada Sounds

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We all know the Universals and the Warners and Sonys of the world. But what about the Ban Bangs and the Cosmicas and the Mamushka Dogs? These Latin indie labels are turning out some of the brightest gems in the scene, repping the artists of tomorrow, not necessarily today’s. But we’re all about looking ahead here at Remezcla and finding what our grandkids will be listening to, so when they do listen to it, we can be super snobby and look down on our passe grandchildren’s interests. Luckily, some of the premier indie disqueras of now are willing to partake in the future gang up of our children. -PCG

Who says Peru doesn’t get down with fusion music? Electro-tropical bass. Hip hop dub. Electrova. Cumbia salsera remixes. Seriously. Though it might not have been heavily documented through media realms, but Peru has kicked ass since a long time ago inventing some gnarly genres. Even waaay back! Just check out the Andean music this country produces, and the instruments Peruvians invented like the mini guitar with the armadillo shell known as the charango, and wooden pan flute called the zampoña. We want to introduce to you on this compilation a sampler taste of what Peru has to musically offer.

So, here’s a motley compilation of FREE Peruvian music with a wide variety of genres like those listed above, curated by our good friends from  Veltrac Music — a Lima-based indie label, that also does management, bookings, and production, working with Peruvian artists. Chicha Morada Sounds, Vol. 5 (chicha morada is THIS, and we’re thirsty) features 11 tracks with hip hop dub rappers Menores de Edad, punk rockers Stony Crackers, indie rock’s Autobus , electro-tropical DJs Elegante & La Imperial and Dengue Dengue Dengue and band La Mente. There’s also electrova artists Masilva, acoustic songstress Danitse, pop singer Francois Peglau, and cumbia salseros Bareto and Sabor y Control. We even have a special Remezlca artwork album cover to go with your Peruvian mix! Plus, read the Q&A below with founder Pepe Velasquez of Veltrac Music. Enjoy and happy listening!


El Mix Vol. 5: Chicha Morada Sounds


1. Elegante y La Imperial – Tarde
2. Autobus – Eterno
3. Sabor y Control – Barrio Bendito
4. Danitse – Viaje
5. La Mente – Radio Funeral
6. Fracois Peglau – Holidays
7. Masilva – Cumbia lava Pies
8. Menores de Edad – Oyelo
9. Stony Crackers – I need somebody
10. Denge Denge Denge – Simiolo
11. Bareto – La Danza de los Mirlos

Q&A with Pepe Velasquez, founder of Veltrac Music.

RE: Can you tell me what artists Veltrac Music works with?

Veltrac: We work with Bareto, Danitse, Autobus, Dengue Dengue Dengue y Masilva. The rest of them are artist friends who we support and who we’d like to work with too. Veltrac also represents in Peru other artists like Bomba Estereo, Systema Solar, Ana Tijoux, Chico Trujillo, Palenke Soultribe, among others.

Tell me a bit about your label?

I have relocated to Lima, Peru to try to develop this territory as an attractive plaza for outside artists. Although I also have an office in Miami, Florida to not disconnect ourselves with what happens in the US. Also, we have agents who we work with in several countries like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. The idea is to bring new indie artists to Peru, as much as to try to introduce Peruvian talents outside of the country. Actually, we have created a product called Indie Gentes, a concert series in Peru. Basically, it brings the best emerging and independent bands to Peru and offer them a source of exposure and promo through an exclusive showcase. We’ll soon have Indiegentes.com for more info.

What type of genres does Veltrac Music work with?

We don’t have a specific genre. I like fresh and original works.