El Mix Vol 7: Mushroom Pillow

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Back in the days of yore—by which I mean a year or two ago—Remezcla would enlist the help of smaller indie labels from Latin America to create a monthly mixtape. The series, titled El Mix, featured tracks from deep within the disqueras’ catalogs. We were intrigued by these labels—Quemasucabeza, Michita Rex, Veltrac, Punk Outlaw Records, and the dearly departed Cazador—because they all had a big hand in shaping and enriching the scenes around them. This is still true today (even Cazador’s influence continues to be felt). So even though we’ve slowed down on the label mixtapes lately, we’re still grateful to those indie-minded houses that have given our favorite bands homes.

A huge chunk of our hearts has always belonged to Spain’s Mushroom Pillow. We’re not shy about featuring their artists—the label also curated Vol. 4 of El Mix nearly two years ago—or about praising their consistently well-stocked catalog. So who better to spotlight for the return of our label mixtapes than the old hats at Mushroom Pillow?

For this installment, the label generously donated some already-Remezcla-favorited tracks from 2013. We reported on Cut Your Hair’s “Mad Love,” Triángulo de Amor Bizarro’s return with “Estrellas Místicas,” We are Standard’s “Can I Count on You,” HATEM’s “They won’t let me grow,” and, of course, the intro song for my future reality TV show Rican Havoc, Joe Crepúsculo’s “Mi fábrica de baile.” But 87.5% of these tracks were stream only, so tough noogies for us until now. This eight-song compilation promises something for everyone, so no excuses. Download it for FREE below.


1. Cut Your Hair – “Mad Love”
2. We are Standard – “Can I Count on You”
3. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro – “Estrellas Místicas”
4. HATEM – “They won’t let me grow”
5. Klein – “Don’t give it up”
6. Joe Crepúsculo – “Mi fábrica de baile”
7. Sr. Chinarro – “El destino turístico”
8. La Habitación Roja – “Ayer” (Dorian Remix)