It’s been almost one week since the horrifying terrorist attack in El Paso, Tx, which saw 22 people murdered, and as many as two dozen suffer injuries as a result. And despite unwelcome visits by the very politicians who uphold white supremacy and enable the ownership of assault weapons (including President Donald Trump, senator John Cornyn, and Texas governor Greg Abbot), El Pasoans have done their best to hold their heads up high, and begin the healing process – often expressing their feelings through comforting and familiar songs, like “Amor Eterno.

But recently, Photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas found another music tribute being paid at the memorial site for the fallen victims – this time an original corrido.

Though corridos are often thought of as anthems written to praise a hero (often even a drug-dealing anti-hero), corridos can also be used to tell stories of loss and lament. And corridos are ubiquitous in El Paso. It’s rare to leave one’s house without hearing the familiar sound wafting through the air – anywhere from meat markets, to the oversized pickup truck waiting at the busy intersection.

Corridos are a comforting sound, and this young man’s tribute tells the story of what happened in El Paso, adding that the community will not be broken by the terrorist’s actions.


Check out our translation below:

I’m going to sing a corrido

Listen closely 

In the United States

In the City of El Paso Texas

Many people are crying

For what has happened here

On the 3rd of August

One Saturday morning

At Walmart by Cielo Vista

People walked peacefully

They never could have imagined

Their lives would be changed

Gunshots were heard

A gun was being unloaded

A massacre began

And my people felt afraid

They didn’t know where to run

But everyone helped each other

These things that I tell you

The news reported them

22 dead and 26 injured

El Chuco finds itself in mourning

Many families are mourning

It was an act of terrorism

That this monster caused

He tried to break my people

Be he didn’t achieve that

Now we are more united

Thanks be to god