Free Download: El Sueño de la Casa Propia's "Historial de Caídas Remixes"

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Owning your own house plays a big part in what they call “the American dream.” I guess Chileans share that dream too, at least this one Chilean does, from beautiful Valparaíso, who calls himself El Sueño De La Casa Propia.

It may sound like a run-of-the-mill slogan for a real estate agent’s business card, but José Manuel Cerda’s artistic alter-ego is anything but typical. His approach to sample-based intelligent electronica is in fact quite original, borrowing inspiration and sound bites from heterogeneous sources and deconstructing them into glitchy yet dreamy and hypnotic soundscapes. Oh, and just because he has the word house in his name, it doesn’t mean he makes house music, if that’s what you expected.

This release is a collection of remixes of his album Historial de Caídas and it includes tunes reworked by many familiar names in the new global latintronica scene, including Mexicans María y José and Pepepe (Carlos Pesina of Los Amparito), and Venezuela’s Algodón Egipcio. Now, considering my austere income as a Remezcla blogger, I’ll never get to own a house, but at least I make enough to afford El Sueño De La Casa Propia’s release–it’s FREE!

Stream and download El Sueño De La Casa Propia’s Historial de Caídas Remixes HERE (via Pueblo Nuevo.) Listen to María y José’s contribution below.