Free Download: El Timbe – Rumbahton EP

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It was a while ago when we introduced you to Barcelona’s El Timbe here on Remezcla, so you probably don’t remember him. That’s unless you been following the tropical bass scene closely, because he has actually been very active during these last couple of years.

Thing is, he just dropped this new three-song EP on Folcore netlabel. Yes, just three songs, but that’s more than enough to unleash a whole new sonic revolution in his homeland. You see, El Timbe is approaching Spanish rumba from the moombahton angle, hence opening the doors to yet a whole new style in the ‘ahton universe. And surprisingly, it sounds really good! I’m no expert when it comes to rumba and I’m not really a big fan of moombahton either, but I wouldn’t mind blending these remixes in my future sets.

Now, the question is, how many other genres are we going to allow to get moombahtonized before we get officially sick of that silly word? Personally, I wouldn’t mind listening to some murgahton or sambahton, but we have to all collectively agree that we’ll stop this madness before we reach zumbahton, ok?