Free Track: Elastic Bond's "Pierdo el Control (K. Sabroso's Sophistifunk Mix)"

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This one is, hands down, one of the most beautiful new songs I’ve listened to this year so far. I didn’t even know who this Elastic Bond is (no connection to La Banda Elástica, apparently), but I’ve just became an instant fan.

Their bio says they’re from Miami, FL but they sound nothing like what you expect from Miami… if what comes up to your mind when you think Miami sounds is Pitbull and, you know, that stuff.

I don’t know about the rest of their repertoire (although now I’m curious and I’m gonna go and do some research right after I finish writing this–that’s what they teach you in journalism school, right? I don’t remember, oh well…) but this specific jam, the original version, sounds like some retro boogaloo (bugalú?) from the late ’60s so much that it’s begging to be pressed on 7” vinyl (I promise I’ll be the first to buy it).

The elegant vocals by Honduran singer-songwriter Sofy Encanto match perfectly the soulful vibe of the music and her lyrics about not being able to control herself when she sees me (well, she’s probably talking about another man, but she only refers to him as “you” so I imagine it’s me she’s taking about–hey! don’t judge!) are the best, most original lyrics I’ve heard so far from all this current wave of boogaloo revival.

There’s a video of the song coming up soon and I’m looking forward to that too, but what I really want is to be able to download the original version of this song which you can below. They’re also giving away is this promotional remix by Indianapolis’ K. Sabroso that reinforces the already funky beats and makes it a delightful mid-tempo lounge tune.

Pierdo el Control (K. Sabroso’s Sophistifunk Mix) by Elastic Bond

Download Elastic Bond’s EP Frecuencia Natural and also get the original track of
“Pierdo el Control” below: