Free Track: Eljuri – "Un Fósforo" (+ video)

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I am so glad this song was brought to my attention. When I first heard the name Eljuri, I admittedly and naively assumed it was some sort of urban Latin hip hop group who called themselves El Hoodie. Whoa I was wrong. Not that that’s a bad thing, but hey, I’m glad I was wrong, cause this came in as quite a treat. Ecuadorian by birth, this New York-based singer/guitarist gots a lot of soul in her, and I’m not talking about the rhythm n’ blues gospel type, but the kind with rich flavors that span throughout Afro Latin America.

Making a name for herself for her fusion Afro-tropical rock sound and conscious lyrics, Cecilia Villar Eljuri comes out with an even stronger, stunningly produced album appropriately titled Fuerte (out April 17th); just in time to showcase it at Houston’s iFest days later where she’ll play alongside Los Amigos Invisibles and Los Lonely Boys. The featured first single “Un Fósforo” is what you call a high dose of many flavors and sounds, and I’m not sure what the real message is here, but it’s probably something along the line that we can be self sustained without the dependency of gov bullshit. So turn off your lights and light up a candle.

In courtesy of BMI and her management, you get Eljuri’s first single “Un Fósforo” for FREE, available for one week only, so get it quick! And check out her supah cool, graphic animated with a radical twist of a music video below, directed by Z Collective:

[audio-player aws_file=”Eljuri – Un Fosforo.mp3″ aws_name=”Eljuri – Un Fósforo”] [insert-video youtube=iNP75LwgL78]