Empresarios announce Bestia Remixed EP and give you a track

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I don’t think it’s necessary to say that I love classic lucha libre movies with all their naivety and inner-kitschness, but one thing I’m not very fond of is their soundtracks. I don’t know, I always though that those movies looked as funky as the blacksploitation flicks but they were horrendously missing out on their music funkiness. Hence, the idea of watching them in mute (subtitles only), with funky music playing at the same time from my stereo, appeared to be the best solution to the problem.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Out of nowhere came this guy Bobby C who was appointed to do a remix for Empresarios‘ new EP, Bestia Remixed (available for now exclusively on Beatport), among other prestigious producers (J Boogie, Solo Moderna). Not only his remix is by far the best of the whole collection, he went the extra mile and put together a video for the song, following the exact same principle exposed above!

He grabbed some images from The Champions of Justice, a perfect example of a great luchador movie with a lame-ass score that didn’t make any sense at all (check out some of the original footage with jazz being played during fight sequences!) and replaced the soundtrack with his super funky remix. Now tell if the resulting video is not a million times better than the original!

Anyway, besides the amazing video, you get a free download of Solo Moderna’s remix (sorry they won’t give Bobby C’s away for free) that’s also quite funky. I suggest you download it and play it while you watch some muted Mil M├íscaras movie.

Right click to download for your free track.

Bestia Remixed EP by Empresarios

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