Free Download: Empresarios Cumbia Remix of Los Hermanos Flores

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It’s been already established that DC’s Empresarios are indefatigable purveyors of dance-floor hits. I mean, these guys never rest. When they aren’t releasing an album, they’re showcasing a new EP or a new collection of remixes. As if they weren’t prolific enough with their own stuff, they somehow find time to work on remixing other people’s music.

La Secretaria” is a classic up-beat cumbia popularized by the Salvadoran orchestra Los Hermanos Flores at least three decades ago. Los Hermanos Flores (at one point they were ten siblings in the same band!) brought the big-band pop-cumbia style of La Sonora Dinamita (particularly successful in Mexico) to the next level, adding even more brass instruments to the mix, and remained forever the kings of cumbia in El Salvador.

Empresarios’ Javier Miranda said he wanted to pay tribute to some of the classic cumbias he grew up listening to and that’s how he picked this one. The new remix makes it more DJ-friendly by adding hard-hitting funky back-beat and a dubbed out breakdown ideal for transitioning. Otherwise, it’s a very respectful version of the original with most of the vocals and brass arrangements left intact. I can pretty much predict that you’ll be hearing this one here a lot throughout 2013, get the free download below, and be the first to spin it at your cumbia party.