Free Download: Empresarios' "Sabor Tropical" (DJ Sabo & Darío Boente Remix)

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Earlier this year, a Washington DC-based band surprised us with a splendid debut album. Los Empresarios‘ “Sabor Tropical” (on Fort Knox Records) offered an overload of finely crafted beats to please both the eclectic dance floor and the sophisticated armchair listener, all while mixing dub, funk and electronica with a wide selection of rhythms from the current Latin music palette (from neo-cumbia to reggaetón).

This time they’re doubling up their bets with the release of a collection of remixes divided in two separate EP’s, Sabor Tropical Remixed Volume I and II. Nickodemus, Telephunken, Los Cosmico Bandidos, Kinky Electric Noise, and the Fort Knox Five themselves all pitched in with one remix each, but our friend DJ Sabo contributed with two.

This one here is one of those two, Sabo’s housey version of Empresarios title track with the help of Argentine pianist and producer Darío Boente and Fort Knox is offering it as a promotional free download exclusively for Remezcla’s followers. Sabor Tropical Remixed Volume I and Volume II are available digitally (only on Beatport right now, Itunes coming soon). For the DJs and die-hard beat-heads, both releases will get proper vinyl treatment in this month.

Free Download: Empresarios’ “Sabor Tropical” (DJ Sabo & Darío Boente Remix)