Mexico’s ENSAMBLE Crew Celebrates 3 Years of Left-Field Electronic Music With a Club Night

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Composer and founder of the Mexican Symphonic Orchestra Carlos Chávez published his book Toward A New Music in 1937, a text that many cite as the country’s unofficial introduction to electronic music. He had the ear of the people; in the 60s, he began teaching workshops on how new technologies could be used to create electroacoustic art, inspiring decades of innovators.

Given this rich history, it’s not surprising that the Mexican capital has established itself as an enduringly fertile ground for electronic music. You can catch throbbing crescendos of sound on the regular in the megacity, but that’s not to say that all electronic showcases are created equal. Which is why we’ve rooted for ENSAMBLE since its inception three years ago. Founders Bárbara Ruíz Leal and Carlos “Índigo” Cruz, mainstays of the local scene, created their collective out of a desire to hype local musicians who were pushing the envelope in experimental music.

Ruíz Leal and Cruz knew that high production value was key in this quest, and their respect for the sound has manifested in a vibrant regular series that integrates top producers with dazzling optics. A few years ago, ENSAMBLE launched a net label that has launched solo EPs from producers like A-rp, Alias616, and Nima Ikki, as well as mind-bending compilations featuring Wasted Fates, No Light, Me & Myself, and Sonido Berzerk.

As part of their ongoing event series JAM, which seeks to create connections between international and local acts, ENSAMBLE will commemorate its third anniversary this Saturday, January 28. The crew is coming through strong, unleashing sets by UK producers Logos and Samuel Kerridge, as well as national luminaries Upgrayedd Smurphy, Debit, MHV, and A-rp. We have to think that Carlos Chávez would be pleased to see how his auditory explorations have evolved in 2017.

Ensamble’s JAM006 takes place this Saturday, January 28 in Mexico City. Check the flyer below, and to purchase tickets, click here.