Video: Ephniko's "Escribo lo que vivo" E.O.eSe's Remix

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There are few US-based latin MCs as talented as Ephniko. I recently had the fortune of spending some time with him during his visit last year to the West Coast, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him writing complex lyrics on the spot and spitting them on the microphone just minutes later with perfect flow. This guy is the real thing. He’s also restless. He’s all over the place, earning new followers at every step with his characteristic charisma and laid-back personality.

Last year he went down to Guatemala to participate in a Central American hip-hop festival and while he was there he shot this great video that came out a couple of days ago, full of amazing street art and breakdancing. The song is a remix of the title track from his latest album, Escribo lo Que Vivo, independently released two years ago, but it’s still fresh as new. Since then, the Miami-based Colombian has been keeping busy, releasing a remarkable FREE mixtape (download below!), and lending his vocal talents for some new cumbia tracks like this and this. Yeah, that last one is mine. I’ll tell you more about it soon.

Watch the video for Ephniko’s “Escribo lo que vivo” below and also download his recent mixtape Dig fo’ FREE.