Listen: Erick Rincon in the Mix @ Diplo & Friends

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Last week, Erick Rincon and Toy Selectah starred as DJ-hosts for BBC Radio’s Diplo and Friends where both teen prodigy and guru producer mixed an hour set each of pure Mexican flavors. Erick Rincon impressed with his amalgamation of sounds mixing what’s at the spinal cord of the 3Ball MTY collective — pure tribal-guarachero — including some refixes by Toy. Guru producer, Toy Selectah branched out mixing the many sounds of Mexico grande and beyond, which included alt-norteñas, ruidosón, Afro-cumbias, Spanish rap, and even some latinized versions of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. All in all, both mixes are über-dope and we highly recommend that you check them out.

If you missed Diplo & Friends last week, don’t trip, ’cause you can stream Erick Rincon’s set on soundcloud below.

Also, you can download both DJ sets by ‘paying with a tweet’ (info HERE).