Exclusive Download: Queen of Mexbow MC Peligro’s “Me Gusta”

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Photo by Cuauhtémoc Suárez.

Even though summer is winding down, MC Peligro is here to remind you that there are still good times to be had. “Me Gusta” is a beachside anthem for all of us who want these sunny days to be a bit hotter in every sense of the word.

Over a classic reggaeton beat, “Me Gusta” brings down a summery warm blanket of good and easy times unfolding in front of you, sounding like what the feeling when that person you desire smiles back at you. Through her rapping/singing, the queen of Mexbow evokes sweat rolling down tanned skin and salty breeze biting wet lips. It’s very suggestive, especially when she reaches the chorus of “vamos a darnos bien rico.”

While we have already seen and heard “Mata de Vaina” and “Date Grasa,” “Me Gusta” might be the Nayarit-bred’s best example of her motto: “An ode to earthly and spiritual perreo.”

Download “Me Gusta” here for free, or stream it below. MC Peligro will perform live at the Waco Music Festival in Torreón, Mexico on Saturday, October 18th alongside Dënver, DJs Pareja, Animal Chuki, Las Robertas, and more– full lineup here, don’t miss it!


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