Exclusive Download: Subsuelo Presents “Agosto” + Global Bassment Mix

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Before Canyon Cody co-founded Subsuelo, one of Los Angeles’ hottest monthly parties, he was traveling the world, learning about flamenco music in Spain, and DJ’ing/producing tunes with his partner in crime, Gnotes. It’s been some time since these two like-minded bass heads got together for some music and they’ve given us the exclusive on their latest, long-awaited track.

Agosto” is the first single off their upcoming debut album Ida Y Vuelta. The song, which features a vocal sample of vocalist Briseyda Zárate Fernández during the intro, was originally composed for documentary Kumpania: Flamenco Los Angeles. The track is a departure from the tunes Cody plays at Subsuelo, as he and Gnotes have put together a traditional flamenco track. It’s unsurprising, really, considering it’s a follow-up to the duo’s collaboration on Granada Doaba, a hip-hop/flamenco project recorded while Cody was studying in Spain as a Fulbright Scholar.

(Photo by Farah Sosa)