Exclusive Download: Tino El Pingüino and The Guadaloops Collab [MEX]

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Photo: Cuauhtemoc Suarez

Twitter: @Stefadook

The first collaboration between Mexico’s hip hop movers and shakers, Tino El Pinguino and The Guadaloops is chock full of horns, 70’s funk and shout outs to border-towns. ‘Digale a Laredo/ Que estamos todos listos/ para hacer un cagadero’ opens ‘Y No Se Sentir’, giving those of us Stateside a heads up that there’s no stopping these guys once the beat drops. Neither The Guadaloops or Tino shy away from the American impact on their music, making this partnership a natural match made in musical heaven.

“This is what happens when you put three Mexicans crazy about Miles Davis in a studio together,” Tino said in a Facebook post about how he met his collaborators.

Here’s the exclusive download

El Pinguino and The Guadaloops give us just a taste of the thriving and changing hip hop scene in Mexico City, but this is far from Tino’s first outing. He is also a member of Sonido Liquido, a hip hop crew based in D.F. encompassing members Zaque, Doctor Destino, and Fancy Freak. The group works tightly with producer Mikey Navajas, who produced the bars about love, life and women that feature prominently on Tino’s first LP. Check out tracks from these trailblazing artists below:

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