EXCLUSIVE FREE EP DOWNLOAD – Astro "Ciervos" Remixes

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We couldn’t stop singing A-E-O all year. If it wasn’t already stuck in our heads, it’s now surgically implanted there.

Ciervos was our (spoiler alert!)¬†#1 song of 2011, and to show their appreciation breakout band Astro has¬†offered Remezcla this amazing North American exclusive: a free download of AEO, their remixes EP. Seven DJs and bands take a crack at Astro’s hit, giving it their own spin – there’s reggae, dubstep, dreampop, 8-bit, whatever. What might be most interesting, though, is the bonus track: Astro’s early demo of Ciervos before it was so awesome. (It’s still good, of course.) Download here!

  1. Ciervos – Moustache! Remix
  2. Ciervos – Picnic Kibun Remix
  3. Ciervos – Dub Revolution – Pedro Piedra Remix
  4. Ciervos – Superforros – Los Animales Superforros Remix
  5. Ciervos – Gepe Remix
  6. Ciervos – Eme Dj Remix
  7. Ciervos – Gameboy Remix – H33llxz Remix (ASTRO)
  8. Ciervos – Demo 2010 (Bonus Track)