Exclusive Latino America Shoegaze Mixtape by Jairo Manzur

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Jairo Manzur is a dedicated blogger and the founder of the Latino America Shoegaze blog. We first got to know this knowledgeable music enthusiast through our exclusive Q&A with him last summer. Now Jairo is back to contribute an exclusive mixtape just for Remezcla readers!

Jairo handpicked 15 of his favorite Latin shoegaze tracks of 2013. So sit back, relax and enjoy some of Latin America’s best underground shoegaze and experimental rock and rollers.

Notes From Jairo:

This mixtape is comprised of some of the best Latin underground shoegaze and experimental rock from 2013, and unites bands from all over South America. I’ve included some music that will be released in the coming months like Dream pop duo Sobrenadar, who will be putting out their new album with Magic Rub Cassetes (USA); Peruvian post rockers Antena, with an exclusive song from their debut album; and Bosques, who is currently working on their third album, El Centro del Vacio.

The only exception in regards to 2013 releases are the Mexican band Everything is Falling Apart, who re-created their debut album at the end of 2012. Nonetheless, I’ve added some very new sounds, like the recently discovered band from Ecuador, Sexores who have just recorded an explosive track called “Titan“.

Other tracks are from singles that sit in anticipation of upcoming albums, like Nave Hogar’s power-pop track, and new music from the Brazilian band, Flowed. Tudo é Preto e Branco is from the last EP of Brazil’s Robsong Gomes (Robson Gomez of the legendary rock band, The Concept). The track from Bencina Disturbio is off their latest album Un desastre totalUn.real is a veteran band from Puerto Rico (active since 1995). This year they are beginning to re-record some of their old songs and will continue to release new music. Mi andromeda is a great shoegaze project from Chile, and the song I’ve chosen is from their second EP Beta ReticuliBela Infanta’s EP was released by The Blog That Celebrates Itself, along with the reissues of their old material in a box-set. And finally the song from Puna is another track from their debut album due for release in a few months.

I hope you enjoy my mixtape. It’s been a pleasure.


1. Flame- Espiritu Deslizante

2. Nave Hogar- Palabras

3. Bencina Disturbio- Es Que

4. Robsongs- Tudo é Preto e Branco

5. Flowed- In Your Arms

6. Un.real-Electroplex

7. Mi Andromeda- Hoy no se escape

8. Bela Infanta-Todas as Tardes de Agosto

9. Everything is Falling Apart- White Noise

10. Los Exils- Blue Eyes

11. Antena Ciudad Nube

12. Sexores- Titan

13. Bosques- El alimento hace bien

14. Puna- Celaje

15. Sobrenadar- Alucinari