Exclusive Listen: Trillones’ From the Trees to the Satellites EP + Video [MEX]

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When it comes to the finest electronic music made in Mexico, Static Discos is by far the best label out there. No other record label in this country has discovered and placed bets on such unknown talents — talents who later blossomed into giant successes. And all of this has happened thanks to Ejival and Fax, the two masterminds behind Static Discos, who have spent the last decade laboring to establish a truly unique sound and style immediately identifiable by those who know and love their work. This is why their roster and close friends are always present in Mexico’s Mutek and music magazines all over the world.

Now, the first question that came to mind after listening to Mexicali’s new electronic dreampop project Trillones — Static Discos’ latest – definitely was: “Is everything OK with Ella Tiene Dos Androides?” You know, the power pop duo Leopoldo Vega originally belonged to and which has absolutely nothing to do with Static’s new ace of spades? (Which, by the way, will be released on September 23th) Well, according to ‘Polo,’ as Leopoldo is called, the rock group is “totally OK” and both members are just taking time off to work on their side projects. This is how Trillones came to life.

This project sounds so different from your earlier work. What lead you to make From the Trees to the Satellites?

I wanted to make electronic music, but that [still] felt organic, in a way. Real, with soul — music that you hear and feel was actually made by a human being; putting my inner self, my spirit in it. My close friends listen to FTTTTS and say ‘Its you man… “its you transformed in sounds and music,” and that’s just great for me, that was what I was aiming for. It’s also a kind of a healing process for me.

It’s really interesting, for me it all comes down to: Making music with cold machines to warm your soul.

Did you produce and arrange all the recordings on your own? It almost sounds as if Static Discos’ Ejival & Fax helped you do it.

Yeah, all the music, composition, arrangements and production of audio is made by me in my own home studio, from zero to the final master. I was lucky to receive guidance and tips through the process from Diego Martínez (Lumenlab), Rubén Tamayo (Fax) and Rosendo Arteaga (Señuelo), to whom I am very grateful.

I think I am subconsciously influenced by Static Discos, because I’ve been a big fan of the label for years now, it is my favorite electronic label, and it is an honor and a privilege to release FTTTS with them and with Indian Gold Records. Both labels are growing to be a big family of producers and friends working together, forming new collaborative processes, creating synergy.

Glad to hear that. Please, tell us a bit about the video.

I wrote to a good friend of mine, Proceso Inútil, from Monterrey [ed note: Proceso Inútil has also created videos for Uvilov, Antoine Reverb, Bam Bam, and others.], proposing that he make me a video. I sent him the song, and explained my idea for the album and the spiritual dyes that were immersed in my work. He loved the idea and without showing me any previews, a month and a half later I received the video on WeTransfer and downloaded it to my hard drive. From the minute I saw it I was fascinated by the story and his way of telling it. Plus I was glad that he took the obsession with trees that I’ve been developing in the last months into account — he is really intuitive and knows how to follow abstract ideas and bring them down to earth.

So, what’s next for Trillones?

I have some songs ready for a second EP. I don’t know yet if I’m going to release a second EP or if I’ll work on releasing an LP, time will tell, but there will be another release by the end of 2013 or the start of 2014. I also have two more videos to be published for this EP.

I’m working with a great visual artist, Alonso Bell, who makes visuals and mapping, and we are trying to get gigs in other cities. We presented the EP in Mexicali on September 5th and it was a great experience, we want to reproduce that experience in other places.

[insert-video youtube=HQwvfJ6H5y0]