Exclusive Listening: URSS Bajo el Arbol's "El Predicador" [MEX]

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So I think what happened was that I was so over-the-moon obsessed with “Hilo de Dios a few months back that URSS Bajo el Arbol saw my unbridled enthusiasm as a challenge. “Oh, you want to kill yourself that song was so good? Psh, child’s play.”

To up the ante, and to potentially cripple me, we’re premiering the DF ensemble’s next single, “El Predicador,” off their upcoming debut LP, 7. You heard it here first, guys. And if you swooned as much as I did for the almost-six-minute “Hilo de Dios,” then be prepared for the type of swoon that hurts. “El Predicador” is a heavy drag, all sexy and fatalist, with an opening sax-led instrumental that would feel right at home in any noir classic. The seven-minute-and-change album opener sounds like a harrowing triumph forced to collapse into a soft spiral as it bows out. Even in its success there is sadness.