Exclusive: Astro Concert Livestream from Chile, Tonight at 7pm EST

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Hey all Remezcla readers and watchers, today (Friday, Dec 2nd) we have a very special treat for y’all. Our favorite Chilean quartet Astro will launch their full-length and self-titled album, later tonight. The band will perform in Chile’s cultural center Matucana 100, and we, here in el gabacho, get to stream the show LIVE, EXCLUSIVELY. Expect the gig to be packed with dancers, lots of audio visuals, special guest artists like Gepe, Pedropiedra, Manuel García and Sónido Ácido, among other rad surprises. For the first part of the show, our lovely indie rocker friends will perform all 12 tracks from this album. And for the second half, expect all invited guest to rock along with Astro, and hear and watch LIVE all your favorite songs form Le Disc de Astrou.

The show and stream start at 7pm EST, so STAY TUNED.