Exclusive: New Net Label "Bitácoras Marineras" Launches With a 31 Song Compilation. If Steve Zissou Were a Playlist, This Would Be It

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A veritable who’s who of Mexico’s music editorial scene is behind new independent music net label Bitácoras Marineras, launching today. The project is the brainchild of Daniel Patlán, a photographer for Mexico-based music site LifeBoxSet, who developed it with some coaching from Eric Gamboa of

Inspired by labels like Poni Republic, Mandorla, Umor Rex, and No Sleep Records (among others), Patlán wanted to create a label that would allow him to support underground bands and projects that he found original and unique, creating a community of friends and collaborators who can share inspiring music. To wit,  Bitácoras Marineras’ initial compilation is a labor of love that features primarily friends; most of the 31 songs come from Mexico, with some sprinkled in from artists based in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.

Discussing the friends n’ fam vibe of the endeavor, Patlán says: “Somos un chingo de personas haciendo el DIY, hagámoslo juntos. Eso es el DIT (Do It Together).”

The tracks below were selected to be played straight through with no shuffle, and the concept was heavily inspired by the titular character from Wes Anderson’s film The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou – which we have interpreted to mean it is very wavy and a little bit weird. Stream it below or click here to download, and stay tuned for more from Bitácoras Marineras: