Exclusive Premiere: Cocofunka's Early-Dance-Floor-Conquering "Donde Vamos" [C.R.]

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A young Latino (immigrant? tourist?) wanders around New York City for the first time, getting lost in the subway maze with a French girl he probably just met minutes earlier. That’s basically the premise behind the story (arguably based on a real life experience) told in this deliciously groovy track.

Costa Rican fusion band Cocofunka recruited the talents of DJ/producer Bartosz Brenes (a.k.a. Betamon) and together they laid down this elegant, sexy funky joint that has early-dance-floor conquering potential, but it’d probably make a lot more sense in your headphones, while walking around the big city. Hooking up with the French girl is up to you.

Watch below, or buy the track here.

[insert-video youtube=JLPLMo7EUI4]