Exclusive Premiere: DJ Afro Remixes Monica Lionheart’s "The Future" Just In Time For Your Summer Playlists

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We’ve been fans of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and all-around babe Monica Lionheart for quite some time. She’s been fronting some of our fave Latin-alt bands throughout the years (Pacha Massive and Zigmat) and just last week, she premiered “The Future,” her first new single since her 2012 solo debut Indian Summer. The single shows off Lionheart’s more upbeat side, producing a fully electronic (and extremely catchy) track in contrast with her previous indie and more organic records.

[insert-video youtube=ozmL8nqAwOg]

Video Trailer for “The Future” music video

“Like most music, my music goes through inevitable transformations,” says Lionheart on her new upcoming tracks. “When my second album is released this fall, those who enjoyed my debut album will still be able to detect some strands that carried over.”

And the track’s transformations didn’t stop there. While on tour in Brazil, Lionheart got in touch with DJ Afro to help her remix her newest single— and through a few serendipitous events, he delivered a heavily percussive, bossa nova-tinged song (with an air of Brazilian Girls, fittingly) just waiting to be on your summer playlist.

Listen to “The Future” remix below and we’ll meet you on a rooftop with a caipirinha in hand.