Exclusive Premiere: Erick Rincón & Siete Catorce's “Espectro” [MEX]

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Twitter: @riobamba_dj

Tribal guarachero blessings of the “post-nortec, post-tribal, post-ruidosón, post-whatever era” are upon us.

Erick Rincón and Siete Catorce have teamed up for the collaboration of (my) dreams to bring us “Espectro,” which dropped yesterday on as a preview of Festival Ceremonia, taking place this weekend in Toluca.

Rincón–one of the artists that brought the tribal guarachero sound to the mainstream alongside his 3Ball MTY mates Sheeqo and DJ Otto–shows here that he still remains connected to the pulse of underground Mexican culture, even after significant radio and commercial moves. Here, he’s collaborated with ruidosón guarachero innovator Siete Catorce, and the two have integrated noticeably dark, heaving undercurrents into the pre-hispanic rooted aesthetic that continues to be reinvented despite the lightspeed pace of digital music culture.

Listen here, and catch Erick Rincon live at Festival Ceremonia this weekend.