Exclusive Premiere: Los Mekanikos, Acid-Washed Techno That Knows How To Have Fun [MEX]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Technoheads rejoice! Mexico City’s own Los Mekanikos are releasing a new EP for your dancing needs, and Remezcla is bringing it exclusively to you.

As the first artists signed to Sanfuentes Records besides the LA label’s founder Vicente Sanfuentes (Comeme, Señor Coconut), it’s proof the Chilean producer knows good dancefloor fodder when he hears it. Tacha Tacha, set for a July 7th release with a preview here in the form of their “666FM” mixtape, is an EP of acid-washed techno in it’s most robotic insistence, bringing staccato notes, vintage modules, and Detroit-approved beats, with some house thrown in there for good measure.

The title track is a cybotronic romp of mechanical abandon, one which slowly reveals into new phases; while there’s some serious chops going on, the duo of Max Jones and Eddie Mercury don’t mind being playful as the chorus of “tacha, tacha, tacha, tacha” proves. They remind you that electronic music with insistent rhythms should have some fun every once in a while, without resorting to outright silliness.

“Viene Viene” follows on the “Tacha Tacha” sound, tweaking it enough to make the track sound like its own. Check out the the exclusive premiere of the track here, and press play on this mixtape and get your groove on.