Exclusive Video Premiere: Manuel Onís ft. Martín Buscaglia's "De Los Pelos" [ARG/URU]

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Last year Juana Molina blew our minds with the eerie video of “Eras,” the second single off her latest album, and we selected it as one of 2013’s best videos. Well, that video was directed by Mario Caporali and if you were wondering what else this talented Rosarian could do to amaze us, here you have his latest work.

Manuel Onís is an up-and-coming Argentine singer-songwriter who used to belong to bands like El Herrero and later La Chicana before embarking in a solo career and releasing a critically acclaimed debut, Bagunça. “De Los Pelos” is the first single of his brand new sophomore solo release titled Tobogán Al Anonimato. It’s a cover of the late Uruguayan cult musician Gustavo “El Príncipe” Pena and it features another talented Uruguayan, Martín Buscaglia.

The video, well, you gotta experience that yourself. It’s quite a trip and it’s up to you to figure out all the symbolism with the clay pig sculptures and the references to The Exorcist, but the song talks about dreaming and warns you about waking up, so if I were you I’d just keep watching and pretending it’s all a dream.

Manuel Onís feat. Martín Buscaglia- De los pelos (Video Oficial) from Manuel Onís on Vimeo.