Exclusive Track Premiere: Bosq's "Falador Passa Mal," For Your DJ-Friendly Samba Playlist [USA]

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The World Cup is still going strong and invitations for Brazilian-themed parties will keep coming your way for a few weeks more, at least. So, unless you’re fine listening to “Magalenha” and “Nossa, Nossa” for the zillionth time, I suggest you start expanding your samba playlist (yeah, I’m talking to you, lazy DJs).

Bosq, of the Boston-based production duo Whiskey Barons, is known for editing and re-working classic Latin soulful joints by making them funkier and more DJ-friendly while being respectful to the form of the originals.

Here we have him grabbing a nice little song about lying and its consequences by Os Originais do Samba and giving it the Barons’ treatment. It’s not hands-in-the-air, dancefloor-packing madness, but it’ll get the party going and the booties jiggling, and it will make you stand out among all the other wannabe Brazilian DJ clichés.