Exclusive Track Premiere: María y José's "Plata ó Plomo" [MEX]

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Twitter: @riobamba_dj

Ruidosón artist María y José brings us “Plata ó Plomo” as an exclusive Remezcla premiere, telling the bleak story of a boy who’s taken a violent, dark turn to become a hired assassin, fueled by an obsession with money and power. The artist, also known as Tony Gallardo II, slow-raps his way over unsettling high-pitched electronic loops, translating the post-apocalyptic reality of this prince of darkness and transforming the track’s title into a disquieting mantra.

With lines like “no tengo sentimientos/los ahogo con actos violentos” or “no moriré de hambre/dios es mi primer nombre,” the track hypnotically brings the listener into some sort of understanding of the protagonist’s dehumanizing descent, perhaps for self-survival in particularly vicious or desperate times.

María y José’s much-anticipated 4-track EP Hot Tropic drops October 1st on Cocobass; check out below for an exclusive first listen.