Exclusive Video Interview with Ondatrópica

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About two months ago, we told you about two artists in the forefront of the cumbia scene who joined forces to form an ultra new band by the name of Ondatrópica. If you know something about cumbia, then you know that Will Holland (AKA Quantic) and Mario Galeano (AKA Frente Cumbiero) are about as close to what an audio encyclopedia of cumbia would sound like, and together they reconstruct a global spectrum of the many sounds of Afro-Colombia, shedding light on the old an new.

In this exclusive video interview, made by La Ceguera, some of our crew caught up with both guys in Bogotá after their recording phase in Medellin’s legendary Discos Fuentes studios, of which you can see footage of in the featured videos. They set off for an incredible seven month journey, sponsored by the British Council, where they “unite to rescue cumbia,” as Juan Data nicely put it, and prepare to perform in the 2012 Olympics and represent the music of Colombia. Check out what Ondatrópica has to say about this new initiative, perspectives about their musical collaborations, the trajectory of this project, and the mode this folkloric and rich tropical music.

Ondatrópica is Remezcla’s Artist of the Week. All photos taken by B+ (AKA Brian Cross)

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