Exclusive Video Premiere: Ani Cordero's "Choferito" [USA/PR]

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Twitter: @maryangelrox

“Choferito” is a traditional Puerto Rican song that dates back to 1930s– one that many Puerto Ricans clap and sing along to from they time they’re children. The song is a plena, a genre specific to the island similar to calypso. Plenas are known for their ever-evolving lyrics reflecting current events and moods.

Cordero authored her own lyrics for this version, which nod to present day paradoxes: “Los problemas siguen serios en la isla del encanto, pero igual siguen las fiestas y es por eso que yo canto.” Similarly, the video draws parallelisms between the two Borinquen islands: Manhattan and PR. Images of the Lower East Side are intercut with vintage shots of San Juan’s beaches proving the age-old adage that you can take the girl out of the island…

Watch below, and check out Ani Cordero live (for free!) at Lincoln Center on Thursday, July 31st.

[insert-video youtube=aLBoCsGi1ZU]