Exclusive Video Premiere: (me llamo) Sebastián Channels Beyoncé in Latest Video "La Fiesta" [CHL]

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Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will make you smile more today. Chile’s (me llamo) Sebastián continues his string of absolute perfection with “La Fiesta,” the third single off El Hambre. The video, directed by Jorge Candia, enacts a universal fantasy: Be Bey for a day. Here, (me llamo) Sebastián, through Yoncé’s signature “Single Ladies” motif, fiercely proclaims that anybody can be whatever they want to be. It’s about feeling empowered in your skin (and leotard), whatever that skin (or leotard) may be. No fucks given.

(me llamo) Sebastián’s music always has that mix of absurdity and sadness, camp and advocacy, that makes listening to his music a political act, or as he likes to call it, “pop-lítico rosado.” Watch the utterly charming “La Fiesta” below.

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