Free Download: Fármacos – Abril (2012, EP)

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If you’re a fan of Astro then you’ll get a kick out of this for sure. Looks like their drummer, Octavio Cavieres has teamed up with another batch of sexy Chileans. This time, he’s working with Fármacos, originally a two man act that launched in 2009 with a 4 track EP.

The band has grown over the years from its initial duo of composer/vocalist/guitarist Diego Ridolfi and Rodrigo de la Rivera on additional guitars. Their first EP was very post rock in its intentions, but with the added help of Carlos Doerr on guitars, keys and glockenspiel, Ignacio Kenfa Wong on bass, and our beloved Cavieres on drums, Fármacos’ revival couldn’t have come at a better time.

The folky trills and lugubrious evocations of their second EP Abril (ironically released in this past September) features a brilliant video for the hit track “El refugio es suave” directed by Lucas Benavente. The clip features dazzlingly sexy ambiguous images juxtaposed by Ridolfi’s lilting lyrics.

Download the complete Abril EP in courtesy of Beat Discos right here.

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