Farruko Has Distinct Views on Working With Dominican & Puerto Rican Artists

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Latin
Courtesy of Sony Music Latin
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According to Farruko and his own experience in the industry, Dominican artists are much more “grateful and eager” to collaborate with him than Puerto Rican artists. The statement, which was made during a recent video interview with “El Molusco,” is currently making rounds on TikTok. Farruko shared these candid views while explaining his experience working with other artists, including El Alfa. 

Though he was quick to point out that he was speaking about his own experience, Farruko was also unequivocal in his claims. He did not give any names but referred to artists that he’d “helped” before they were famous, stating that afterwards when he called them up to record with him, “te ponen a gatear,” a nice way of saying they asked for too much in fees to make it happen.

In comparison, he said if he called up someone from the Dominican Republic, they would jump on it and be ready to collaborate immediately, and that they’d be happy to do it again, even after they got big. 

“You mean the singers and artists from the Dominican Republic are more grateful than Puerto Ricans?” Molusco, the Puerto Rican interviewer, asks Farruko, confirming the previously uttered sentiment. Farruko then proceeds to confirm his experiences, as the clip ends with him stating that he’s not the kind of person to mince words, so he’s saying it openly.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below, where the artist also speaks on the success of “Pepas,” music censorship in the Dominican Republic, and more.