Fat Joe Teased on Twitter for Launching Joint OnlyFans Account With DJ Khaled

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Rapper Fat Joe is being teased on social media for his new online venture with friend DJ Khaled. They have started a joint account on OnlyFans.

Khaled announced the news on his Instagram page Tuesday (Jan. 19) and posted a video of him and Fat Joe playing basketball.

“[Fat Joe] and I are officially bringing THE LIGHT to [OnlyFans],” Khaled wrote, adding that the friends would be posting video of their “legendary rematch” when it happens next week. “Everybody SUBSCRIBE.”

While the OnlyFans is used by media influencers like fitness experts and reality stars, the platform is known mostly for digital sex workers to connect with paid subscribers online. The connection to online porn was enough for Fat Joe and DJ Khaled’s new account to get some attention on Twitter.

Some Twitter users wondered how they would explain to their spouses why OnlyFans was charging them a fee on their bank statement when all they wanted to see is the behind-the-scenes footage of Fat Joe and DJ Khaled hanging out in the studio recording music. Monthly subscriptions to follow the pair are $20.

Some joked that “motivational speaking” isn’t exactly what most people use OnlyFans for.

Others were excited about the new partnership.

However successful Fat Joe and DJ Khaled’s OnlyFans page turns out to become, we’re wondering why Biz Markie wasn’t invited.