Video: Fauna's "Para mí" (of Zizek)

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We were all saddened last year when we found out about Catar_Sys’ death. At that point there was nothing certain about Fauna’s future, but we knew they had been working on a new release for a while. Fortunately, Color Kit, the other half of the duo, didn’t give up and decided to keep the project alive beyond the departure of his partner and friend. Now Fauna is getting ready to drop their long-awaited second album, to be titled Manshines, on ZZK Records.

Para mí” is the first single off Manshines and its freshly released video has both members of Fauna in it, plus many guests from the Zizek family. Chancha Via Circuito, who provided the riddim, appears as an androgynous train’s engine, there are also cameos by Zizek founders El G, DJ Nim, and Villa Diamante, plus other label artists like El Remolón, but all hiding under masks, face paint, or full body costumes, so you gotta pay close attention to spot them. The one who’s easy to recognize, at the very end of the clip, is the one and only La Tigresa Del Oriente, viral queen of the bizarre Peruvian techno-cumbia scene, who already had a cameo in Dante Spinetta’s video “Pa Tras,” which we featured here last year.

With all its crazy imagery, psychedelia and abuse of fluorescence, the clip was probably designed to be viewed under the influence of heavy hallucinogenics, like the ones many times referred to in Fauna’s lyrics. However, the whole people-dancing-with-painted-bodies-over-black-background-as-if-it-was-Nomad’s-Devotion-from-1991 thing has been done already, recently in Turbo Sonidero Futurísitico’s “Donador de Organos” video. It’s still pretty cool, but on the verge of turning into a genre aesthetic cliche if just one more video in this style pops up. It’s one of those things that we will look back on in the near future and say “That’s so 2010!”

Watch Fauna’s genre-defining music video for “Para mí” below.

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