Feliz Cumpleaños Gustavo Cerati!

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Today, the iconic Argentinean singer Gustavo Cerati will continue to pass his time in a hospital bed, and for his 52nd birthday. Last year of May 15th, Soda Stereo’s ex vocalist suffered a stroke after playing a concert in Caracas, Venezuela. He was immediately examined and hospitalized and lamentably, he’s been in a coma ever since. The last medical update stated on Cerati’s official webpage says:

El paciente Gustavo Adrián Cerati continúa internado en la Clínica Alcla encontrándose clínicamente estable, sin cambios neurológicos, con adecuados parámetros nutricionales y sin intercurrencias agudas, persistiendo con asistencia respiratoria mecánica y manteniendo un plan de desvinculación progresiva del respirador. Continúa con su plan terapéutico habitual, trabajando en las diferentes áreas de rehabilitación.

Millions of his fans continue to pray for his health and well-being with hopes to see him sing one more time. Cerati is responsible for composing some of the most gorgeous songs on the face of this earth, and tons of fans are celebrating his birthday by posting their favorite Cerati tunes on their facebook and twitter accounts. Many have even put together some tribute videos with photo collages and more songs dedicated to this legendary singer. We all continue to cherish and deeply miss you, Cerati.

Que ya pase el temblor, carajo!

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