Free Download: Fernanda Ulíbarri's "Se Satura Mi Cabeza" (of Uli and The Gringos)

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We’ve been on a little bit of a feminist kick lately, featuring some notable badass ladies in the indie scene (see Carla Morrison’s flash-dance video, Li Saumet’s Sargento duet, Ximena’s live new music, and Miami chick-pop-rockers The State Of). Because, after all, this world was built on the backs of women. Am I right, ladies? Hear us roar and all that crap. Woo!

Anywho, now we have Fernanda Ulíbarri, former Uli and The Gringos frontwoman and Julieta Venegas backer, poised to make her solo debut with the upcoming átOma. Her first single, “Se Satura Mi Cabeza,” was chosen by her native Starbucks México as “La Selección de la Semana,” but now we have it below de GRATIS. It’s a song about overwhelming media saturation and that feeling of helplessness amid societal issues. There’s a poppy head banging quality to the song that makes it quite likable and listenable, coupled with Ulíbarri’s yelpy yet honeyed voice.

Download our new addition to the Badass Girls Club, Fernanda Ulíbarri’s debut solo single “Se Satura Mi Cabeza.”