Festival Nrmal 2012 Lineup: Bam Bam, Astro, Los Rakas, etc.

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Oh Mexico lindo y querido, in the name of your thousands of santos and virgen marias, please grant me more cash, freedom, power, and maybe also a Mercedes-Benz, so I can get my bootie down to Monterrey on March 10th. Hmm, ok, I’m probably being a little bit too selfish, but for a very damn good reason. The 3rd Annual Festival Nrmal Lineup is currently rocking my moment. Nrmal, the website that brings ya some of the best of indie rock and shoegaze, announces a festival that’ll feature a bunch of awesome performers, and we wanna get some action, music action, and whatever else comes with that.

Featuring over 25 Latin American and U.S. indie bands ranging all the way down to Chile, Puerto Rico, Panama, Mexico, and a bunch from Brooklyn, and more!



Girls (San Francisco), Dávila 666 (Puerto Rico), Bam Bam (Monterrey), Los Rakas (Panama),
Astro (Chile), Juan Cirerol (Mexicali), Liturgy (Brooklyn), Grimes (Canada), Gatekeeper (Chicago),
Friends (Brooklyn), James Ferraro (Rochester), Adrianigual (Chile), Javelin (Brooklyn),
Teengirl Fantasy (Ohio), Picture Plane (Denver), Ratas el Vaticano (Monterrey),
Unknown Motal Orchestra (Portland), Prince Rama (Brooklyn), Dive (Brooklyn),
Los Mundos (DF), Coasting (Brooklyn), Tony Danza (DF), D.D.A. (DF), etc, etc, etc!!!!

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F–E–C–H–A : 10 de marzo de 2012
H–☯–R–A : 1 p.m.
L–U–G–A–R :
Parque Diego Rivera
María Izquierdo #111, Zona San Agustín.
San Pedro Garza García
B–☯–L–E–T–☯–S (pronto más info) :
Pre-Venta: $400
Taquilla / Día del Evento: $450