Festival NRMAL 2013 Lineup: Twin Shadow, Banda De Turistas, Las Robertas, etc.

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After a triumphant turn last year, Festival NRMAL returns home to Monterrey for its 4th installment, following their Norte Sonoro production in Tijuana. Always propitious, the utmost indie/hipster-esque of Mexican events announces a clusterfuck of a lineup to take place on March 6-10, 2013. Not only do they almost quadruple the artist lineup (70 bands!), and add four open air stages, but they extend it for four days as opposed to last year’s one-day event. This is a huge leap up for them and puts them on the platform alongside the nation’s capital’s monster fests. Shall we start drawing comparisons with Vive Latino now? The growth is due thanks to the folks behind NRMAL, as well as NY’s producer Todd P who joined the team last year, and work their curation magic in a very D.I.Y. fashion selecting some of the best indie bands from both sides of the border (many from Brooklyn too. Woot!), and all over Latin America. Big up to performing bands Protistas, Javier Estrada, María y José, Matilda Manzana, Algodón Egipcio, DIIV, Twin ShadowSantos, Banda de Turistas, Las Robertas, and the rest! Ay los watchamos.

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LINEUP ON TEXT, if you rather read this:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (Los Ángeles, EUA)
Brujería (México / EUA)
Twin Shadow (República Dominicana)
Daniel Maloso (Monterrey, México)
Sky Ferreira (Nueva York, EUA)
Mykki Blanco (Nueva York, EUA)
Mortuary (Monterrey, México)
Banda de Turistas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Nguzunguzu (Los Ángeles, EUA)
San Pedro el Cortez (Tijuana, México)
Las Robertas (San José, Costa Rica)
DIIV (Brooklyn, EUA)
Protistas (Santiago, Chile)
60 Tigres (Monterrey, México)
Rogelio Sosa (Ciudad de México, México)
Rites Wild (Adelaide, Australia)
Trash Talk (Sacramento, EUA)
King Tuff (Vermont, EUA)
Total Freedom (Los Ángeles, EUA)
Maniquí Lazer (Mexicali, México)
Yo! Linares (Monterrey, México)
Milk Music (Olympia, EUA)
Apocalipsis (Ciudad de México, México)
Javier Estrada (Monterrey, México)
Solar Year (Montreal, Canadá)
Throne (Londres, Inglaterra)
Maligno (Monterrey, México)
Fear of Men (Brighton, Reino Unido)
Eptos Uno (Obregón, México)
Daniel Higgs [Lungfish] (Baltimore, EUA)
Bocanegra (Guadalajara, México)
Main Attrakionz (Oakland, EUA)
The Holydrug Couple (Santiago, Chile)
María y José (Tijuana, México)
Doomsday Student [Arab on Radar] (Providence, EUA)
Punch (San Francisco, EUA)
Algodón Egipcio (Caracas, Venezuela)
White Ninja (Monterrey, México)
Dustin Wong [Ponytail] (Baltimore, EUA)
LAO (Ciudad de México, México)
A Life Once Lost (Philadelphia, EUA)
Haciendo el Mal (Ciudad de México, México)
Dope Body (Baltimore, EUA)
Bruno Darío (Ciudad de México, México)
Akuma (Morelia, México)
Santos (Tijuana, México)
Tonstartssbandht (Florida, EUA)
Stalaktos (Ciudad de México, México)
Matilda Manzana (Ciudad de México, México)
Parquet Courts (Nueva York, EUA)
Kitty Pryde (Daytona Beach, EUA)
Calafia Puta (Tijuana, México)
Ave Negra (San José, Costa Rica)
The Dreebs (Brooklyn, EUA)
Capullo (Aguascalientes, México)
Baby Nelson & The Philistines (Guadalajara, México)
Vampire Slayer (Mexicali, México)
Juan Pablo Villegas (Ciudad de México, México)