Five Things to Know About Saber

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There is lots to learn about Saber. Why the desktop on stage? Why are they named after a sword? And, whats up with visuals?  Before you catch them live at the En Tu Ciudad TourChiRemezcla caught up with Frank de La Mora to get the nitty gritty about this crazy-electro band.

1. Correct pronunciation for the name of the band.

Its not “saber”- as in the word to know something in Spanish, Its actually the name of a sword: A heavy cavalry sword with a one-edged, slightly curved blade. According to Frank De la Mora they want to be sharp at whatever we do music, life etc.. The correct pronunciation is more like (Say^ver)

2. Who makes up Saber? Lots of familiar faces from other bands/acts/djs

Saber includes Frank De La Mora -singer/songwriter (Echonine and Saber). Eddie Riot (dj and producer). Miguel Lopez -lead guitarist  (Killing Revoultions). Sebastion Vazquez– drums (Battle of Chicago). Charly Garcia-visuals (founder of el Festival de Musica Electronica Latina FMEL). Saber’s members are all Mexicanos.

3. The experience of a Saber show

Saber’s live show was put together to bring a full visual and sonic production to the music lover via live music and video. We want to give a big production for a minimal fee. We want to give the show we’d pay $50.00 to see for $5.00.The live band was not even a thought when Saber began as Speakakillaz. Speakakillaz was our original name but was considered too hip hop by some of our European contemporaries. We liked it but figured we give it a new name so we thought of something that would sound regal yet sharp thus Saber was born. The live show came to life after Eddie played our music at his gigs and people asked for us.

4. Why the hell do you have a desktop on stage?! Does it have a name?

The desktop, AKA – Old faithful. I have had horrible luck keeping a laptop from crashing while running our live software. I basically run 40 + tracks of live audio for every show and laptops have trouble running all that audio plus live midi data. So,Old faihful is Saber/Echonine’s studio computer on stage.

5. Surprises for the En Tu Ciudad Show?

The surprise cover we may or may not do @ Bottom Lounge..hmm…it has something in common with Echonine but is not an Echonine song for sure. Saber is a sound that will not stay in the same place for long. We already have a vision for the next album and we really want to push the envelope.