Following Fraud Speculation, RBD’s Former Manager & Dulce María Speak Out

Lead Photo: Photo by Edwin Rodríguez.
Photo by Edwin Rodríguez.
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Following reports of an ongoing investigation regarding the money owed to the group, RBD member Dulce María, as well as the group’s former manager and founder/CEO of T6H Entertainment, Guillermo Rosas, spoke out about the situation.

In a recent press release, T6H Entertainment shut down the rumors of the alleged money mishap. It called the articles claiming so “unfounded and uninformed accusations.” It denied any wrongdoing. “We hereby clarify that in no way and at no time, neither T6H Entertainment, Guillermo Rosas, nor any employee of the company diverted or made illicit use of any kind of money from Soy Rebelde Tour. Nor did they participate in any type of embezzlement of any kind, as some media have suggested,” the statement read.

The press statement confirmed that the Citrin Cooperman accounting firm in New York, NY, conducted an initial audit or forensic investigation that showed no fraud or financial misuse under T6H. However, the press release stated that there was a mutual agreement to perform a second audit for a second confirmation. It also noted that the company handled less than 10 percent of the tour’s total revenue, with Souls Productions Inc. handling more than 90 percent of the tour’s income.

On the other hand, RBD’s Dulce María also talked to the media about irregularities from the first audit last week (May 16). “We are not in lawsuits or anything like that so far. Like any other company where irregularities have been detected, we are undergoing an audit,”  she said to the press. “The first audit has already revealed irregularities, it is not just talk [and], in my case, it is not up to me to give information.” She also said that it’s heartbreaking because they had plans to continue touring and that they’re in a difficult moment at this point.

These media messages come after RBD’s Maite Perroni’s husband Andrés Tovar revealed there was an ongoing audit regarding the money owed to the group from the earnings of the Mexico and Colombia shows. “There is an audit in progress. They are reviewing the whole internal issue of the tour, and they are also considering talking to the companies involved to see the matter of the proceeds. Where are they? How much is it?” he told the Mexican television show Ventaneando at the time.