Free Tracks: Francois Peglau's "I Wonder" and "Goldman Sachs Rules the World"

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Formerly of Lima’s Los Fucking Sombreros, Francois Peglau swapped his psych rock sound for a plucky li’l thing and some pow pop, lo-fi, twee folk. Late last year, we applauded this Peru via UK singer/songwriter for his first single “Holiday” off his forthcoming album, and we do it again with these recent two releases.

Shifting to a more jangly electro sound from his previous The Immanent Failure of Francois Peglau, “Goldman Sachs Rules the World” is Peglau’s song title and a declaration stated by market trader Alessio Rastani in this eye opening interview about the economy in crisis, where segments of said interview are dubbed near the end if this reverberated, chankity-bop-bop tune.

A few days ago, we were introduced to “I Wonder,” a duet with his significant lady. The music is sweet and nonchalant as always with some mellow guitar strums, playful ukelele plucks, and an occasional, delightful chime-bell.

We highly recommend you get them, they’re FREE, straight from Mr. Peglau’s bandcamp, with love, I’m sure.