Video: Francois Peglau – "Salvación Mariachi" (+ free mp3)

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Woof. This one’s a star studded indie-packed morsel for sure. Every bite of “Salvación Mariachi” — the new single from Francois Peglau‘s forthcoming album — oozes with rockstar magic. Pelgau’s playful elegance usually oscillates between tongue-and-cheek John-Lennonism and the crisper qualities of a less alt-’90s Brian Molko (without the makeup). Ever since I was taken on a permanent “Holiday” with this self-deprecator oddball, I haven’t been able to get enough. In this simple, groupie quality, insider pic, we get a quaint rendition of the backstage glamor, or sincere lack-there-of, for this darling Peruvian’s tour through Mexico. Of particular interest, and timely pertinence, you might note the electoral milieu á la Carla Morrison and the Yo Soy 132-ers and other who’s who’s such as Andres Acosta (of Andy Mountains), Coe (of Lady Lane) and Sofia Mora (of La Banderville), just hanging out. But, that’s not all. Looks like the tour also counted with fellow Peruvian Jinmy Vitte (bassist of Los Negretes) as a dutiful groupie for equal measure. I think this was the b-roll Lat-Am rendition of Almost Famous.

[insert-video youtube=IxbKDd60fJs]