Freaky Philip VS Manu Chao – "Welcome to Tijuana" (Trap remix)

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If you’re onto that trap fad, and peeping in on artists like new school generation Rick Ross and Chief Keef with its revival in Chicago, then you gotta check this out. Taking up southern influences from crunk to sub-bass, heavy house — then adding some incessant reference to drug slanging — it might sound like high revved juke beats with hip-hop laid over it. Either way, add some Latin vibes and you’ve got a whole different story.

Manu Chao, unlike the death and rebirth of trap, will never go out of style. Freaky Philip from Santo Domingo brings a brand new style to the perhaps tired sub-genre with his Dominican dynamic here. Known for his Moombahton and Nu Mambo takes, he’s been putting out some Latin trap selections recently, which we greatly appreciate. He’s even gotten attention by Mad Decent.

On this number, he’s taken a classic gritty grind song from another soundscape and transformed it all together. The original “Welcome to Tijuana” track might not sound like a stereotypical trap song, but when you think about it, it’s got all the thematic elements paralleled perfectly: tequila, sexo, y marijuana. Bienvenido a los Trap-lands.